A Chef's Journey

“A hungirie man suin sniffs out meat.”

GLobal pioneer Chef Grant MacPherson

“I believe truly great cooking to be a noble art. It’s an expression of generosity engaging all five senses to elicit a response, generally underpinned by pleasure” says the Seasoned Chef.

Grant’s stellar career stretches over four decades, Flying in Five Continents and Flowing through the most prestigious hospitality destinations including The Raffles Hotel, Singapore “The Grand Old Lady of the Far East, Bellagio Hotel, Wynn Las Vegas, Wynn Macau, Wynn Palace Cotai, Regent Hotels in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton Big Island, Sandy Lane Hotel Barbados and the historic Hilton Hotel (Westgate Hotel) in Las Vegas.

In pursuit of his passion, Grant has crafted exotic five star recipes and menus along with being hand in hand involved in bringing together kitchen concepts from design to operations and above all world class brigades.

2017 was no less than a milestone, where he was involved with all F&B concepts at The Ned Hotel in London and The New Realm Brewing Co. in Atlanta/Virginia Beach. The Ned being named UK’s best hotel by the Sunday Times; while The New Realm Brewing Co., on the beltline in Atlanta, the largest single brewery opening in the state’s history garnered the term Game changer for Georgia.

In further pursuits of his passion, the Seasoned Chef steers into 2019 by engaging with San Manuel Casino, California working on an Asian restaurant and a unique Provision Spirit Concept.

Grant has represented the American Pistachio Growers for 3 years and recently collaborated with Apple Corp, on the late Steve Jobs’ vision for a new campus dining facility in Cupertino, which is now complete.

This native Scotsman’s robust embrace of global wanderlust and contrasting cultures is exceeded only by his passion for food and all things culinary. With these come his deep love of the camaraderie of the kitchen, the restaurant, the venue, the life, which has earned him consummate respect for his people and executive skills as well as his mastery as a chef.

MacPherson relishes sharing tales of his colorful experiences, extraordinary mentors, and storied accomplishments so far most recently with Word Of Mouth, a coffee-table volume brimming with mouth-watering photos, recipes, and memoir but is always one to look to the challenges ahead. Now based in Las Vegas, MacPherson keeps up a busy calendar of international festivals and events, and guides his company Scotch Myst, a food and beverage consultancy specializing in designing and executing custom solutions for boutique hotel and restaurant properties worldwide.